Richmond Terrace Senior Living

Our Upgrades:

  • Converted their apartments to air-source heat pump which were installed in the units, with a central LP boiler backup and DHW.
  • Airsealed and insulated the attics, walls and slab edges.
  • Added new windows.
  • Improved their ventilation.
  • Ground-mount 13 kW PV.

Client Savings:

  Fuel Costs: 45%
  Energy Use: 58%
  Air Leakage: 66%

Post-Retrofit Energy Use Metrics (heat & hot water):

23.8 kBTU/SF
10 gallons oil per unit per month equivalent

Richmond Terrace, Richmond VT

Owner & Developer: Richmond Terrace Limited Partnership
Developer: Cathedral Square Corporation
Duncan-Wisneiwski Architects
General Contractor:
HP Cummings
Date Completed:
November 2014

  • 1 building
  • 16 apartments total
  • 11,141 sq.ft.
  • Built in 1985
  • We installed a central oil boiler with a DHW tank using 4,600 gallons for both heat and hot water.

3E Thermal coordinated efficiency services with Champlain Valley Weatherization Service and Efficiency Vermont.