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3E Thermal provides cash incentives towards more energy-efficient options on your projects. But you may need more financial assistance than 3E can provide by itself. Below are some attractive financing options that can help.

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For more information or to apply, visit the Efficiency Vermont website or contact Efficiency Vermont by calling toll free 888-921-5990.

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Visit their website for up to date green savings loans at

Efficiency Vermont and VSECU loan program

A loan program offered by Efficiency Vermont and VSECU is aimed at making fast, simple financing available to apartment building owners. The Business Energy Loan Program is open to any type of business, including sole proprietors. Up to $50,000 can be borrowed, with a minimum loan amount of $3,500. All of a qualified energy efficiency project’s costs can be financed.

Efficiency Vermont and VSECU have designed the program to be as low-cost and hassle-free as possible:

  • No business financial statements are required

  • No collateral necessary

  • No closing costs

  • Application fee maximum of $25

  • One-page application form

If you have a larger energy efficiency project in mind, you may be able to combine this funding with other financing. For example, money from the Business Energy Loan may be used to cover the collateral requirement of a larger loan.

Download the Business Energy Loan  information sheet. For more information or to apply: visit the Efficiency Vermont website, contact Zoe Erdman at Efficiency Vermont by calling toll free at 888-921-5990, or email at