Apartment Owner Application

APPLY FOR 3e thermal apartment upgrades

Once your application has been received, a representative from our team will contact you if additional forms need to be filled out after review of your 610 application. 

Owner Application

Upgrade Your Vermont Apartment for Optimal Weatherization

3E Thermal services are funded by energy-related revenues of the State of Vermont and are available to owners of affordable apartment housing statewide. “Affordable apartment” is defined as having a rent and utility cost below the federally-set level, depending on the number of bedrooms. In July 2023, those levels increased.

Please contact us for more information about eligibility requirements. Depending on your location and the number of units in your project, we will coordinate with the regional Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) in your area.


3e Thermal will need you to complete these forms after the initial application (610 form).

615 WAP: 3E Requirements of Owners (5+ units)

617 WAP: Rental Building Standards

620 WAP: 3E Owner Fuel and Electrical Data Release

630 WAP: 3E Owners Rent Certification

632 WAP: Demographics

638 WAP: Agreement for Unoccupied Units

a. Receipt of Lead Pamphlet: Download the Lead Pamphlet here

b. Clients Rights and Expectations

c. Radon Signature Form and Pamphlet


Be sure to contact us if you have an unanswered questions or would like to hear more about the incentives.