Barre Street Apartments

Our Upgrades:

  • We upgraded one boiler needed for one of our client's apartment building's. 
  • Our team added Solar DHW to the other building.
  • Fully airsealed and insulated the attics, walls and foundation walls.
  • Improved ventilation.
  • Replaced their windows.

Client Savings:

  Fuel Costs: 45%
  Energy Use: 47%
  Air Leakage: 67%

Post-Retrofit Energy Use Metrics (both heat & hot water):

42.1 kBTU/SF
$52 per Unit per Month
or 12.3 gallons oil per unit per month equivalent


Owner & Developer: Downstreet Housing & Community Development
Architect: Scott + Partners
General Contractor: DEW Corp

  • 2 buildings
  • 20 apartments total
  • 9,782 sq. ft.
  • Built around 1900
  • Our team installed an oil boiler with domestic hot water tank in each building.
  • We added solar hot water on one building that was using 5,570 gallons (heat & hot water) total.

3E Thermal coordinated efficiency services with Capstone Weatherization and Efficiency Vermont.