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Building Energy Audit and Screening Tool

BEAST is the approved multifamily (5+ units) tool for Vermont’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).
BEAST calculates a heat-loss model from user inputs of surface areas and R-values, measured air leakage in CFM @ 50 pa, and past fuel usage history. The model is used to estimate savings from various retrofits and screen for cost-effectiveness against user-entered costs. BEAST includes a number of customizations to yield outputs for WAP and Efficiency Vermont.

The latest tool is:  Release 9.5.1, date 12/19/2018.

Requires: MS Excel 2010 or later (Windows), or MS Excel 2011 or later (Mac)
Comments:  Rel. 9.5.1 Adds automatic disaggregation of WAP crew investment vs WAP cash (reimbursement to Owner). Disagg is based on User selecting WAP crew “contractor name” for appropriate measure expenses on Specs page. Also add “Preliminary” notice on output pages where project version # starts with 0, e.g., “0.2”.

Past updates:
Rel. 9.4.2 fixes two issues on WAPrpt tab: Surface costs would not appear if user did not assign a CFM reduction to any Surfaces; and ‘Finalize’ button  had been staying lit red incorrectly.
Rel. 9.4.x includes updates for VT WAP: added ‘WAPrpt’ tab for form 661 Multifamily Approval and for Hancock data entry; and expanded ‘WAP’ column on Specs tab for tagging costs.
Rel. 9.3.0 add worksheet for Below-Grade surfaces (QLos tab); integrate HP DHW penalty on space heat needs.
Rel. 9.2.4 includes minor bug fixes.
Rel. 9.2.3 adds temperature-correction for Final Blower Door test.
Rel. 9.2.x includes updates for VT WAP Memo 2017-01, 8/23/17, and ASHRAE 62.2-2016.

Also available for download:  BEAST Notes for WAP auditors  [re-written 03/28/2017]

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