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Free Technical Support and Cash Incentives to Owners of Affordable Apartment Buildings

3E Thermal makes energy efficiency upgrades easy to undertake for owners of qualified apartment buildings.

We are not weatherization contractors or product vendors. We’re unbiased consultants whose only interest is maximizing the energy performance of Vermont’s affordable apartment housing.

3E Thermal technical support includes:

  • Complete assessment of existing conditions and opportunities for energy improvements
  • Analysis of fuel usage history and current energy performance
  • Estimates of savings and budgets for recommended improvements
  • Collaboration with owner’s design team on larger projects
  • Review of and advice on project specifications and bids
  • Progress and final inspections to assist contractors and ensure work meets specs

We’re consultants with cash. 3E Thermal uses funds from Vermont’s Thermal Efficiency Fund (which comes from other energy programs, not general tax dollars) to provide cash reimbursements for energy improvements. The more comprehensive the energy improvements, the more we can offer in incentives. Generally we target apartment buildings with 3 or more units and projects that will achieve at least 25% savings.

For buildings that don’t qualify for free services, we can provide technical support on a fee-basis.

We’re green-building advisors who pride ourselves on solving problems and achieving the most effective energy improvements within the parameters of the owner’s capital expense plan and budget . 

Interested? Have questions? Please see our FAQs page, and don’t hesitate to contact us!

The tenants are happier, they have a more reliable heating system. The building is more comfortable because we added a whole lot of insulation. We have new energy-efficient windows that work a lot more effectively. So I’m happy, I think the tenants are happy too.

Richard Carr, RH Carr Associates

Scott and Randy are the best to work with. I was like a fish out of water with the first project, and they helped me along with everything. It was marvelous, they were wonderful to work with.

Sharlene McEachern, Realty Resources Management

Featured Project

Northfield Apartment Building Saves Almost 50% on Energy

After making energy efficiency improvements designed by 3E Thermal, the owners of an apartment building in Northfield are set to save 47% on energy costs this winter. Air leakage was reduced by 42%, and the per unit monthly heating cost dropped from $132 to $56. Find out more about how these energy efficiency improvements were achieved by watching this video.

Featured Project

Morrisville Apartment Complex Receives Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Colonial Manor in Morrisville has undergone an extensive energy efficiency upgrade, with funding and technical support assistance from 3E Thermal. The five-building complex has added insulation and air sealing, a central heating plant, improved ventilation, and new windows and doors. In this video, we visit the project and talk with Randy Drury of 3E Thermal about what was involved with making the apartments more efficient and comfortable.

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