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What We Do

3E Thermal works to advance energy efficiency and better building practices — for owners of affordable apartment housing, the designers and contractors who serve them, and ultimately for the tenants who live in their buildings.

  • We function as consultants to owners and developers; we are not contractors or vendors. We have no bias other than to maximize energy savings, safety, comfort and efficiency.
  • Our most valuable asset is the knowledge and custom technical support our staff brings to every project. We help design teams and contractors achieve better results.
  • We also bring cash incentives based on the savings on each project. Incentives are funded by Vermont’s participation in regional energy programs — not general tax revenue.
  • We sponsor trainings and workshops, presented both by us and by others, to help advance general knowledge in the industry.


Here are some reports on our past work under the name of Vermont Fuel Efficiency Partnership (VFEP).

VFEP 2013 Evaluation Report(April 2014)

VFEP 2012 Progress Report (February 2013)

Our Mission

3E Thermal’s mission is to make energy efficiency upgrades an integral part of multi-family housing renovation projects in Vermont.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the sustainability of Vermont’s affordable apartment housing, by improving building health, safety, comfort, durability and efficiency.